Q&A Thursday Nights with Rabbi Avigdor Miller Vol.2 – BEST SELLER

Rabbi Avigdor Miller New BookFor thirty years, every Thursday evening, Rabbi Avigdor Miller zt’l would deliver a lecture to the public on Jewish ideology, on an enormous gamut of subjects spanning tefilla, emunah, bitachon, shidduchim, marriage, raising children, attaining perfection, learning to live successfully, understanding the physical world, the World to Come, personal growth, and the ways of Hashem. At the end of each lecture, questions were usually first accepted on the subject. Next, Rabbi Miller would, incredibly, accept questions on any subject. Excluded only were specific points of halacha. Few rabbis of stature have been so bold. But the Rav had so great a command and understanding of the great truths, and the need to share that understanding with those who anxiously wanted to know was so compelling, that he was willing to make this offer. Questions were accepted from the floor, or, if you wished, you could anonymously write your question on a slip of paper and pass it up to the front. This option was also available to ladies seated in the Ezras Noshim. We have endeavored in this volume to provide a sampling of these question-and-answer sessions for the edification of those who were not privileged to attend, as well as for those who cherished these weekly opportunities and would like to relive them.

The lecture number from which the questions were sourced is cited at the end of each response, in case the reader is interested in going back to the original shiur for more information.

We hope that this volume will find favor with Hakodosh Boruch Hu, and in the eyes of Jewish seekers everywhere.

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